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Micha Frazer-Carroll and Robert Chapman

Edinburgh Radical Book Fair

Sun, 12 Nov 2023, 2:30 PM (BST)

Assembly Roxy, 2 Roxburgh Place, Edinburgh EH8 9SU

Adapt or Remake? Join Micha Frazer-Carroll, author of 'Mad World', and Robert Chapman, author of 'Empire of Normality', for this conversation about mental health and disability justice with poet and campaigner, Fiona Robertson.

In Mad World, Micha Frazer-Carroll scrutinizes the way that mental health, and illness, are defined under capitalism. In Robert Chapman’s Empire of Normality, they reveal how society is obsessed with productivity, examining the current rise in visibility around neurodiversity. They are joined by poet and disability campaigner, Fiona Robertson, for a conversations about the many worlds we stand to gain once we understand that the fault lies not with us, but the system that regards us as broken.

Accessibility: all events will be professionally filmed & livestreamed. The Roxy is wheelchair accessible (including toilets) and the venue has provisions for neurodivergent guests including stims, quiet space and colour-coded lanyards.

This event is a part of Radical Book Fair 2023: Revolutionary Feeling series. Click to the link below for tickets.

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