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James Morrison

The left and the ‘Red Wall’

Thu, 11 Aug 2022, 18:30 (GMT)

Online event

As part of the 'What we need to do next' event series

The Left Behind’ is a defining motif of contemporary British political discourse. It is the thread that knits together the 2016 Brexit referendum, the crumbling of the fabled ‘Red Wall’ in the North, and the pernicious culture war being waged today. But who are the Left Behind?

In this event, the speakers will answer:

  • What is the ‘Red Wall’ and who are the ‘Left Behind’?
  • How has the right mobilised support from the ‘Left Behind’
  • What can the left do to turn this around?

Further further details on the event, please click on the ‘Tickets’ button below.

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