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***Please note – this sale is now over – but you can still browse the books below***

It’s hard to come to terms with the recent wave of brutality by the capitalist patriarchy towards women across the world: from anti-abortion legislation in the US, the callous dismissal of the Gender Recognition Reform Bill by the British Conservative Party, not to mention the horrific charges of sexual violence by London’s Met Police. Iranian women demanding freedom have been repressed, and Andrew Tate’s hyper-masculinity is sinking into the consciousness of young people across the world.

So this year we celebrate International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month with heavy hearts, remembering our sisters who have struggled for freedom, past and present.

This collection highlights how deeply revolutionary feminism can be. Included are books on women freedom fighters in Palestine and Kurdistan, on women who spearheaded movements such as Wages for Housework, books on Suffragettes, books by Caribbean Marxists, Irish anti-abortionists, trans activists and much more.

We hope you find something here that gives a little hope for the future.