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50% off our Election 2020 reading lists!

It’s not what we wanted, but there’s no getting around the fact that the choice between a fascist and a neoliberal is the one US comrades are having to make. Electoral politics are unbelievably depressing right now, but whether we fight in or against the party is a matter of debate on the left.

We’ve compiled a few reading lists for you to get your teeth into, covering different elements of US politics and working class struggle against uber-capitalism in its many forms.

They will all be 50% off until the 4th November.

Trump, Authority and the Fash

Whether you consider Trump to be fascist or not, it’s hard to disagree that right-wing ideology and the authoritarian use of the arms of the state have become more overt in recent years. This reading list includes in-depth analyses of the Alt-Right, the role of social media in the spreading of fake news, police brutality and Trump’s symbiotic obsession with Kim Jong-un.

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A Broken System

Neither candidate will implement the reforms necessary to blunt the sharp edges of capitalism. From climate catastrophe to health crises, America is the epicentre of late-stage capitalism. These books address a range of problems that must be fixed if people are to live in a fair and equal society, as well as delve into the political economy of capitalism.

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Hope for the left?

Pluto Press exists to be a resource for activists to draw upon to fight oppression in all its forms. Whatever the outcome of the election, the fight against racism, inequality and the right will continue. This reading list will provide a few ideas on political strategy with a focus on the US, as well as inspire you to keep going…

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A History of the United States

This is a short list of three books covering different parts of US history, home-grown American radicalism in the 19th century, a sweeping history of American capitalism, and the fascinating diaries of Sylvia Pankhurst’s little-known visit to the US.

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