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An independent publisher of radical, left‐wing non­‐fiction books. Established in 1969, we are one of the oldest radical publishing houses in the UK, but our focus remains making timely interventions in contemporary struggles.
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PODCAST: ‘Radicals in Conversation’
'Staying Power' - with David Olusoga

We speak to the broadcaster, historian and author David Olusoga about ‘Staying Power: The History of Black People in Britain’ and its significance today.

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A history of the world that proves that nothing can stay the same.
A vivid collection of texts from the movements and uprisings of the 'long 1968'.

The Long Shadow of 1968

1968 was the highpoint of a cycle of popular struggles that shook edifices of power across the world. In this blog, Laurence Cox records the struggles that challenged racism and patriarchy, colonialism, heteronormativity and authoritarianism.

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A history of the feminist movement that changed how we see women's work forever

The History of Wages for Housework

Revolutionary feminism is resurging across the world. But what were its origins? Louise Toupin retells the history of ‘Wages for Housework’ which made advanced debates in social reproduction and the gendered aspects of labour.

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How England's political cultures are being eroded by neoliberalism

Stuart Hall and Gramsci
On Conservatism and Social Liberalism

What lessons can Stuart Hall and Gramsci teach us about the difficult relationship between conservatism and social liberalism? And what can that tell us about the way that political cultures have shaped British identities in recent years?

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First publication in English of a groundbreaking book of revolutionary queer theory.
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