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An independent publisher of radical, left‐wing non­‐fiction books. Established in 1969, we are one of the oldest radical publishing houses in the UK, but our focus remains making timely interventions in contemporary struggles.

Pluto Press to shut office for the International Women’s Strike!

In solidarity with our Sisters, we will be shutting our offices on 8th March to join the ​Women’s Strike in London.

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Celebrating and critiquing the life of one of Africa’s most important anti-imperialist leaders
A groundbreaking history of Communist organisations and struggle in the Caribbean, focusing on women, peasants of colour and black workers
Accessible introduction to the life and times of one of the towering figures of the American Civil Rights movement
Traces the historical trajectories that leftist movements underwent since the 1940s and argues that Marxism is alive and well in Nigeria.

Frantz Fanon for Our Times: Reflections on Fanon’s Biography

Tithi Bhattacharya reviews Peter Hudis’ biography of Frantz Fanon, examining his relationship with the Soviet Union, his war against colonial powers and his faith in the working class.

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50% off selected titles for Black History Month!

VIDEO: Margaret Stevens introduces ‘Red International, Black Caribbean’

The history of black Communism remains sidelined. Pushing aside famous black leaders like Toussaint Louverture, Margaret Stevens introduces the passionate story of black Communists organising across the Caribbean.

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A radical biography of the author of the classic anti-colonial text Black Skin, White Masks.

bell hooks

bell hooks is an author, feminist and activist, whose writing is at the juncture of race, class, and gender. A figurehead of intersectionality, she has authored numerous feminist classics and in 2014 the bell hooks institute was founded in her name.... VIEW
Tells the history of Britain's Asian Youth Movements from the 1970s and 1980s and shows their importance in creating today's multiracial Britain.
Biography of the anti-imperialist fighter and slave liberator Toussaint Louverture, explored through the prism of his radical politics
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