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An independent publisher of radical, left‐wing non­‐fiction books. Established in 1969, we are one of the oldest radical publishing houses in the UK, but our focus remains making timely interventions in contemporary struggles.
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Pluto Catalogue 2019
The classic history of black people in Britain, an epic story that spans the Roman conquest to the present day.

PODCAST: ‘Radicals in Conversation’
'Staying Power' - with David Olusoga

We speak to the broadcaster, historian and author David Olusoga about ‘Staying Power: The History of Black People in Britain’ and its significance today.

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Derry Shouts, the World Hears
50 years on from the day 'the Troubles' began

5th October 1968 is regarded by many as the day ‘the Troubles’ began. On the 50th anniversary, we look back at the spirit of ’68 in Ireland and consider the relevance of the civil rights protest today.

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A history of the world that proves that nothing can stay the same.

How Do Gender Transitions Happen?
Encounters and Communities

Jules Gleeson explores differing modes of understanding the gender transition process, from transitions that unfold socially, to those founded in trans community action.

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A history of the feminist movement that changed how we see women's work forever

Deepening our Understanding of Social Reproduction Theory

Pluto is launching a new series on Social Reproduction Theory with Tithi Bhattacharya and Susan Ferguson as series editors. In this blog, they explain the urgent need for such a series in our current political moment.

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A revolutionary collection of black radical thought from a historic event in 1968.

Black Power in the U.S.A.
At the 1968 Congress of Black Writers

Against a backdrop of racism in the West and colonialism and imperialism in the Global South, Stokeley Carmichael speechifies at the 1968 Congress of Black Writers, the most important gathering of black radicals of the era.

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A history of home-grown American radicalism in the 19th century.
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