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The Reading Room
The Reading Room is a new collaborative project where people can read, learn, listen, and share ideas.
Through linking up with other spaces across the country, we’ve created libraries stocked with thought provoking books, where reading groups and opportunities to meet authors are being established, providing resources and activities that hope to catalyse creativity, collaboration and conversation.
Reading Rooms 1
The organisations involved share a common goal – to support and empower people within their communities.
READING ROOM: The NewBridge Project - Based in Newcastle / Gateshead
READING ROOM: The Sustainable Studio - Based in Cardiff
READING ROOM: A nomadic library - Based in Rotterdam
READING ROOM: @ Brighton's One Church’s Florence Road Café
READING ROOM: The Old Waterworks & TOMA - Based in Southend-on-Sea
Reading Room 2
As well as physical library spaces, The Reading Room opens up forums to debate local issues that affect everyday lives. Taking the lead from our communities, these topics include inequality, the environment, precarious employment, LGBTQ+ issues, structural racism and much more.
READING ROOM: Left Bank - Based in Leeds
READING ROOM: Metal - Based in Peterborough
Reading Room 3
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