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Pluto Press are proud to partner with the Middle East Research and Information Project (MERIP) who have been providing critical coverage of the Middle East since 1971.

MERIP provides critical, alternative reporting and analysis, focusing on state power, political economy and social hierarchies as well as popular struggles and the role of US policy in the region. They reach academics, journalists, non-governmental and governmental organizations and informed citizens who want knowledgeable analysis and critical resources about contemporary political developments. Informed by scholarship and research, MERIP is a curated platform for critical analysis and discussion that brings informed perspectives to a broader audience.

They were established in 1971 to educate and inform the public about contemporary Middle East affairs. A registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, MERIP publishes a quarterly print magazine, Middle East Report, as well as frequent articles, updates and educational primers on its website.

They are based in Chicago.

Visit MERIP’s website.