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The World Transformed

Pluto Press are proud to be a partner of The World Transformed, Britain’s biggest political education festival which attracts thousands of participants every year.

TWT is back in Brighton this year from the 25th – 28th September. After 18 months of isolation, our movement desperately needs to come together in person to rebuild power from the ground up.

Join them to discuss:
How should socialists relate to the Labour Party
What are the strategies of the new right?
How can we confront the climate crisis?
What can municipal socialism achieve?
How can workplace and community organising secure a better future?

We provide inspiring, radical books to all attendees of the festival.

Use the coupon code ‘TWT30’ to get 30% off all books on these special reading lists.

The lists below which are tied in with the themes of the festival to help you discover the most important books of the moment. Scroll down to browse!