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The World Transformed

Pluto Press are proud to be a partner of The World Transformed, the UK’s biggest political education festival which attracts thousands of participants every year.

Last year’s festival explored the themes of socialist strategy and demands for the post-coronavirus era, with sessions on topics such as the future of work and trade union organising, or tackling the crises in care, climate and housing. In addition, the programme included workshops on socially distant organising, staying safe online, and countering far-right radicalisation in digital spaces. In a year which saw worldwide Black Lives Matter protests, there was a key focus on anti-racism, as well as discussions about the future of the Labour left and its role under Keir Starmer’s leadership.

We provide inspiring, radical books to all attendees of the festival.

While the festival is running, we offer special discounts to attendees to make books as accessible as possible.

You can browse your reading lists below which tied in with the themes of the festival to help you discover the most important books of the moment. Scroll down to browse!