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The World Transformed

Pluto Press are proud to be a partner of The World Transformed, Britain’s biggest political education festival which attracts thousands of participants every year.

After 12 years of Tory Party rule, the election defeat, the pandemic and the cost of living crisis, it’s easy to feel beaten and disempowered. The system is clearly broken and it can be hard to imagine it changing.

With Tories fighting amongst themselves and with the Labour leadership failing to back workers, we need to take matters into our own hands.

Our strength comes from our collective power to imagine, design and build radical alternatives to the status quo.

The World Transformed works to support, develop and deliver political education across the UK in order to build a movement capable of radically transforming society. Their annual 4-day festival of politics, arts and music began in 2016 and has since become the biggest political education event in the UK. Alongside this, TWT is working to develop tools and training for our movement so that transformative political education initiatives can happen across the country all year round.

We provide inspiring, radical books to all attendees of the festival.

The lists below are designed to provide background reading to many of the themes of The World Transformed.