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Pluto Press is a radical political publishing house. Founded in 1969, we are one of the world’s oldest radical publishers, and our focus remains making timely interventions in contemporary struggles.

Though our collective outlook has developed over time, we proudly identify as anti-capitalist, internationalist and politically independent.


Emerging out of the Marxist tradition, we see ourselves as supporters of what Marx called ‘the real movement that abolishes the present state of things’. Today that movement takes many forms and appears in many different places, but its defining feature is opposition to the current global order, which places profit ahead of people.


From call centres in London, to phone factories in Shenzhen, we strive to provide a platform for activists and agitators across the globe. Our books have appeared in countless different languages and on every continent, reflecting an internationalism that is practical and not merely programmatic.


Since its foundation, Pluto has been independent of any political party or organisation. This means we publish what we want, without fear or favour. Our books often disagree with one another, but always express a critical solidarity.