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As we approach the 200th anniversary of the Guardian‘s first edition, Des Freedman looks at it’s problematic coverage of direct action in the light of the recent Kill the Bill ... READ FULL ARTICLE

The Sewell Report:
A Politics of Buffoonery

by the authors of 'Empire's Endgame'

The racism-denying Sewell Report is part of an international, chaotic reaction of fragile white supremacists and imperial nostalgists. It is the politics of buffoons. READ FULL ARTICLE

Wildcat Reading List

by Pluto Press

Wildcat Reading List From Amazon workers in Alabama to delivery drivers in China, new industrial alliances are leading the fight back against corporate greed and inequality. These books uncover the ... READ FULL ARTICLE
We’re joined on the show by Gargi Bhattacharyya, Sita Balani, Nadine El-Enany and Luke de Noronha to discuss the new book, Empire’s Endgame. READ FULL ARTICLE