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Why do we need a decolonial feminism? In this extract, Françoise Vergès looks to the history of western feminism, showing how white women slave abolitionists were complicit in the ‘civilizing ... READ FULL ARTICLE

Debt Is A War Against Women’s Autonomy

An interview with Verónica Gago and Luci Cavallero

Verónica Gago and Luci Cavallero from Ni Una Menos discuss how their new book ‘takes debt out of the closet’ to empower feminist movements in Argentina and beyond. READ FULL ARTICLE
The worst sectarian rioting in years has broken out in Northern Ireland and the mainstream media is blaming ‘both sides’. While this might have the appearance of fairness and balance, ... READ FULL ARTICLE
As we approach the 200th anniversary of the Guardian‘s first edition, Des Freedman looks at it’s problematic coverage of direct action in the light of the recent Kill the Bill ... READ FULL ARTICLE