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State Crime

State Crime

Governments, Violence and Corruption

by Penny Green and Tony Ward

Questions the perametres of state crime in all its forms, from corruption and corporate crime to ‘natural’ disasters, torture, war crimes and genocide.
What is state crime? This book sets out the parameters of state crime and highlights the complex issues involved. The authors provide a clear chapter-by-chapter assessment of state violence, corruption, state involvement in organised and corporate crime, avoidable 'natural' disasters, torture, criminal policing, war crimes and genocide.

Penny Green and Tony Ward put forward a powerful argument drawing from a range of disciplines including law, criminology, human rights, international relations and political science. They develop a theoretical approach to understanding the boundaries of state crime, employing the concepts of deviance and human rights. Making distinctive use of original research and using a variety of international case-studies, this compelling book offers a fresh and sophisticated approach to this controversial and difficult subject.

Penny Green is Professor of Law and Criminology, Head of Research and Director of the School of Law’s Research Degree Programme at King's College London.

Tony Ward is a legal scholar and criminologist who became interested in state crime through his involvement in campaigns against deaths in custody in the 1980s. He is Reader in Law at the University of Hull and a Director of the International State Crime Initiative (ISCI). He is co-author with Gerry Johnstone of Law and Crime (2010), as well as authoring many other books.

'An excellent primer and an important analysis of an area that criminology is belatedly taking seriously' - Social & Legal Studies
1. Defining States as Criminal
2. Corruption as State Crime
3. State-Corporate Crime
4. Natural Disaster as State Crime
5. Police Crime
6. Organised Crime and the ‘Deep State’
7. State Terror and Terrorism
8. Torture
9. War Crimes
10. Genocide
11. The Political Economy of State Crime
12. Every Crime in the Book: Iraq and its Liberators
Published by Pluto Press in Jan 2004
Paperback ISBN: 9780745317847
eBook ISBN: 9781783710966

264 pages

135mm x 215mm