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Invisible Giant

Invisible Giant

Cargill and Its Transnational Strategies

by Brewster Kneen

Breaks the silence on the true extent of Cargill's power and influence worldwide
Transnational corporations straddle the globe, largely unseen by the public. Cargill, with its headquarters in the US, is the largest private corporation in North America, and possibly in the world. Cargill trades in food commodities and produces a great many of them: grains, flour, malt, corn, cotton, salt, vegetable oils, fruit juices, animal feeds, and meat.

Among its most profitable activities is its trade in the global financial markets. There are few national economies unaffected by Cargill's activities, and few eaters in the north whose food does not pass through Cargill's hands at some point. Yet Cargill remains largely invisible to most people and accountable to no one outside the company.

This is an explosive book that breaks the silence on the true extent of Cargill's power and influence worldwide - its ability to shape national policies, and the implications of these strategies for all of us. Thoroughly revised and updated, Kneen's new book offers shocking new evidence of Cargill's activities since the book was first published.

Brewster Kneen is Canada's foremost analyst and critic of agribusiness. He has written several books on different aspects of food and its production including Invisible Giant: Cargill and Its Transnational Strategies (Pluto, 2002) and also publishes a monthly newsletter, The Ram's Horn.

'If you want to understand both the theory and the reality of modern economics, Kneen's impressively researched book is a fascinating place to start' - Red Pepper 'Details the ethos, priorities, strategies and goals of transnational corporations as seen in a single paradigmatic example ... His work is the more amazing given Cargill's general secrecy' - The Boycott Quarterly (US)
1. Mutant Giants
2. Cargill Inc – The Numbers
3. Origins, Organisation and Ownership
4. Policy Advocacy and Capitalist Subsidies
5. Creatures: Feeding and Processing
6. Cotton, Peanuts & Malting
7. Processing: Oilseeds, Soybeans, Corn & Wheat
8. Invisible Commodities
9. E-commerce
10. Coming and Going: Transport and Storage
11. A Typical Story– Canada, and Mexico
12. Fertiliser
13. The West Coast
14. Rivers of Soy - South America
15. Juice
16. The 'Far East'
17. Seeds
18. Salt
19. Only Cargill’s Future?
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Published by Pluto Press in Sep 2002
Paperback ISBN: 9780745319582
eBook ISBN: 9781783715435

232 pages

135mm x 215mm