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The Maoists in India

The Maoists in India

Tribals Under Siege

by Nirmalangshu Mukherji

Delves deep into the intractable but under-reported struggle between the Indian state and Maoist groups who control swathes of the Indian countryside.
The Maoists in India delves deep into the decades long battle between the Indian state and Maoist groups - one of the most intractable insurgencies in the developing world.

Nirmalangshu Mukherji uncovers the devastating impact of neoliberalism on India's tribal population, armed aggression by the State, as well as the impact of the armed struggle by the Maoists. Unlike most accounts, Mukherji takes an honest and unflinching look at each of the Maoists’ interventions and critically examines the ideology and programme proposed by their theoreticians and prominent intellectual sympathisers.

By focussing on the Maoists' political philosophy, the extent of their democracy, as well as the roles of intellectuals, Mukherji reaches conclusions about whether their strategy can help to deliver social justice and liberation for India's poor.

Nirmalangshu Mukherji is Professor of Philosophy at Delhi University. His publications include December 13: Terror over Democracy (2005).

'Nirmalangshu Mukherji is a careful, judicious scholar, and his inquiry into these intricate and often shattering issues is sensitive and persuasive' - Noam Chomsky 'Intensely debates the writings of Maoist ideologues and sympathisers, on issues relating to the Maoist movement in India's tribal regions' - Anuradha M. Chenoy, Professor in the School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, co-author of Maoist And Other Armed Conflicts (2010).
Glossary of Local Terms
1. Dark Clouds over Dandakaranya
2. Fragile Democracy
3. Role of Intellectuals
4. Arms over People
5. Forms of Resistance
6. Quest for Peace
Appendix I: Interview with Ganapathy
Appendix II: Sanhati Statement on Operation Green Hunt
Published by Pluto Press in Aug 2012
Paperback ISBN: 9780745332826
eBook ISBN: 9781849647564

216 pages

135mm x 215mm