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The Situationist International

The Situationist International

A Critical Handbook

Edited by Alastair Hemmens, Gabriel Zacarias

Up-to-date collection on the Situationist International, rethinking their relevance for today

Formed amidst the incendiary violence and political turmoil of the 1960s, beyond the barricades, the Situationist International (SI) remains to this day influential in anti-capitalist cultural, political and philosophical debates.

Looking at philosophy, sociology, critical theory, art, architecture and literature, The Situationist International is an up-to-date and comprehensive survey of the SI and its thought. Leading thinkers analyse the SI's interdisciplinary challenges, its roots in the artistic avant-garde and the traditional workers' movements, its engagement with the problems of postcolonialism and issues of gender and sexuality.

Including contributions from key thinkers, including Anselm Jappe and Michael Lowy, as well as new and upcoming scholars, The Situationist International unpacks the complexity of a group that has come to define radical politics and culture in the postwar period.

Alastair Hemmens is Lecturer in French at Cardiff University School of Modern Languages.

Gabriel Zacarias is Professor in the Department of Art History at the University of Campinas, Brazil.

'It's hard to see how this book could be surpassed in rigor and scope. As its authors carefully unpack the complex manifold of situationism, readers begin to grasp again the political, aesthetic, philosophical, and cultural totality of consumer capitalism that the Situationists argued we can leave. This mid-twentieth-century critique and speculation remains an undeniable wonder' - Simon Sadler, Professor of Design at the University of California, Davis and author of 'The Situationist City'

'Philosophy, critical theory, artistic practice, strategies and tactics of social contestation, transnational networks and internecine clashes all came together in the Situationist International. In this volume, new archival resources and a new generation of scholars point the way to a richer, more complete picture of the movement and its place in the 20th and 21st centuries' - Kevin Repp, Curator of Modern European Books & Manuscripts at the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library

1. Debord’s Reading of Marx, Lukács and Wittfogel: A Look at the Archives - Anselm Jappe
2. The Unsurpassable: Dada, Surrealism and the Situationist International
- Krzysztof Fijalkowski
3. Lettrism - Fabrice Flahutez
4. The Situationists, Hegel and Hegelian Marxism in France - Tom Bunyard
5. The Situationist International and the Rediscovery of the Revolutionary Workers’ Movement - Anthony Hayes
6. The Shadow Cast by the Situationist International on May ’68 - Anna Trespeuch-Berthelot
7. The Situationists’ Anti-colonialism: An Internationalist Perspective
- Sophie Dolto and Nedjib Sidi Moussa
8. Gender and Sexuality in the Situationist International - Ruth Baumeister
9. Revolutionary Romanticism in the Twentieth Century: Surrealists and Situationists - Michael Löwy
10. The Spectacle - Alastair Hemmens and Gabriel Zacarias
11. The Constructed Situation - Gabriel Zacarias
12. Unitary Urbanism: Three Psychogeographic Imaginaries - Craig Buckley
13. The Abolition of Alienated Labour - Alastair Hemmens
14. Détournement in Language and the Visual Arts - Gabriel Zacarias
15. The Situationists’ Revolution of Everyday Life - Michael E. Gardiner
16. Radical Subjectivity: Considered in its Psychological, Economic, Political, Sexual and, Notably, Philosophical Aspects - Alastair Hemmens
17. The ‘Realisation of Philosophy’ - Tom Bunyard
18. Recuperation - Patrick Marcolini
19. Internationalism - Bertrand Cochard
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Published by Pluto Press in Apr 2020
Paperback ISBN: 9780745338897
Hardcover ISBN: 9780745338903
eBook ISBN: 9781786805454

336 pages

135mm x 215mm