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‘The criminalization of sex work creates and exacerbates the dangerous working conditions that exist for sex workers’. Find out more about PACE, an organisation leading the fight for decriminalisation. READ FULL ARTICLE

Interview with Silvia Federici
Wages for Housework

by Louise Toupin and Silvia Federici

Wages for Housework changed how we see women’s work forever. In this interview, Louise Toupin and Silvia Federici discuss the campaign, examining  its trajectories and its relevance for the feminist ... READ FULL ARTICLE
Linton Kwesi Johnson fought ‘sus’ laws, stood on picketlines, and put pen to paper to refute W.H. Auden’s claim that ‘poetry makes nothing happen’. In this blog, David Austin considers the ... READ FULL ARTICLE
Feared by the government, celebrated by Lenin and Trotsky; the head of British Military Intelligence called John Maclean ‘the most dangerous man in Britain’. What we can learn from John Maclean? READ FULL ARTICLE