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The Library in Exile

by the Edward Said library

During the Nakbah, one of the goals of the Israeli powers was obtaining the physical material of Palestinian culture. The Edward Said Library is working to reverse this cultural expropriation; preserving, ... READ FULL ARTICLE
Police, security agencies and spies disrupting opposition to the dominant political order has a long history. Aziz Choudry analyses spycops as a someone who has been subjected to its repression. READ FULL ARTICLE
When refugees and migrants reach UK shores their struggle isn’t over. When groups, like the Stansted 15, fight these injustices they are prosecuted. But solidarity can be a powerful tool. READ FULL ARTICLE
‘The criminalization of sex work creates and exacerbates the dangerous working conditions that exist for sex workers’. Find out more about PACE, an organisation leading the fight for decriminalisation. READ FULL ARTICLE