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Pluto Press was founded in 1969, riding the wave of growing political consciousness and radical political activity that marked the late 1960s.

In 2019, Pluto celebrates its 50th anniversary. Defying a harsh publishing and political climate, it now stands as one of Britain’s oldest radical publishing houses, and continues to break new ground, making timely interventions in contemporary struggles.

Featuring interviews with many of the key individuals from the company’s past and present, this documentary looks back at 50 years of independent, radical publishing: from its inception as the publishing wing of the International Socialists (IS), through its expansion in the 1970s into a thriving alternative cultural hub; the international focus of the ‘new’, post-1987 Pluto; and finally looking at the company today, and its vision for the future.

Produced by Chris Browne.

‘Pluto Press Documentary: 50 Years of Independent Radical Publishing’, Copyright © Pluto Press, 2019