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Europe's Alliance with Israel

Europe's Alliance with Israel

Aiding the Occupation

by David Cronin

Shows that the EU's close relationship with Israel has legitimised actions such as the ill-treatment of prisoners and the Gaza invasion.
In carefully crafted official statements, the European Union presents itself as an honest broker in the Middle East. In reality, however, the EU's 27 governments have been engaged in a long process of accommodating Israel's occupation of Palestinian territories.

Journalist David Cronin interrogates the relationship and its outcomes. A recent agreement for 'more intense, more fruitful, more influential co-operation' between the EU and Israel has meant that Israel has become a member state of the Union in all but name. Cronin shows that rather than using this relationship to encourage Israeli restraint, the EU has legitimised actions such as the ill-treatment of prisoners and the Gaza invasion.

Concluding his revealing and shocking account, Cronin calls for a continuation and deepening of international activism and protest to halt the EU's slide into complicity.

David Cronin is a journalist specialising in European politics. He is the author of Balfour's Shadow (Pluto, 2017), Corporate Europe (Pluto, 2013) and Europe's Alliance With Israel (Pluto, 2010). He has written for a variety of publications, including the Guardian and Wall Street Journal Europe.

'Compelling, illuminative and painful. It is an indispensible pioneering work essential for students, tax-payers, policy- and decision-makers'

- Middle East Monitor
'It seems to many that Israel is above international law. This important book explores the complex political ties that have prevented European countries from holding Israel to account' - Ken Loach

'This book should be required reading for anyone trying to understand the scale of international support for the State of Israel' 

- Sarah Irving, author of Gaza: Beneath the Bombs, and Leila Khaled
1. Building The Unholy Alliance
2. Bowing To America
3. Aiding The Occupation
4. The Misappliance Of Science
5. Profiting From Palestine’s Pain
6. The Israel Lobby Comes To Europe
Confronting Europe’s Cowardice
Published by Pluto Press in Nov 2010
Paperback ISBN: 9780745330655
eBook ISBN: 9781783714247

135mm x 215mm

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