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The last 12 months has seen the unprecedented resurgence of public engagement with green politics. Climate Change – although of course it never actually went away – is back. Extinction Rebellion; Greta Thunberg; the Green New Deal – words that would have failed to register only a year ago have become household names.

The urgency with which we need to act in order to prevent the worst effects of runaway global warming is now widely acknowledged. But the big questions remain, of what that action should be.

Is a renewable technology revolution adequate, if the logic of market capitalism remains intact? Are we all in this together? Or does the softness of our governments’ emissions reduction targets point to the expendability of those in the Global South?

Joining us to discuss the climate crisis, and a vision of climate justice, are:

Chaitanya Kumar, Senior Policy Advisor at Green Alliance;

Simon Pirani, Senior Research Fellow at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, and author of Burning Up: A Global History of Fossil Fuel Consumption (2018);

and Asad Rehman, Executive Director at War on Want.

We also speak to Anna Taylor, founder of the UK Student Climate Network, and organiser of the first national school climate strike, to get her perspective on the wave of activism that has brought climate change back to the top of the agenda.

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