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Radicals in Conversation in-haus is a new podcast series collaboration between Pluto Press and Bookhaus, an independent bookshop in Bristol. RIC in-haus is recorded on location at Bookhaus. The bookshop’s ‘in-haus’ events programme features authors of some of the most exciting radical nonfiction being published today.

Episode 2 features Azfar Shafi and Ilyas Nagdee, co-authors of Race to the Bottom: Reclaiming Antiracism, which was published last month in our Outspoken by Pluto series. Chairing the conversation is Nayya Raza from Bookhaus. They discuss the history of antiracist organising in Britain, from the Black Power movement and the 1981 uprisings, to the emergence of an ‘antiracism from above’ orientated around issues of visibility and inclusion. They also talk about theorising race and racism, the history of policing, and the challenges and opportunities the antiracist movement faces today.

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